Its About Time

What is the best superpower? Is it the ability to fly? The ability to sling webs from your wrists? The ability to read minds? As good as those may be, they are hardly close to the best superpower: the ability to control time. The possibilities are as endless as time itself; where do I even begin?

For one, you wouldn’t need to study for any tests. Just pause time, go check your notes for the answer, unpause, and write it down. Unnoticeable by any teacher, it’s the perfect way to ace a test. I don’t classify this as cheating, and here is why. Notes aren’t allowed on tests because notes aren’t allowed in ‘the real world,’ but if you can pause time in the real world, then how are you cheating? You’re not. Let me give an example to illustrate this idea. Let’s say you want to be a surgeon and you’re taking a test to enter medical school. Cheating on that test to raise your score is wrong because surgeons hardly have time to check notes to see what to do next. However, if you were to pause time while taking the entrance test and check your notes, that is completely fine because you can do the same thing in your job and would make a very good surgeon. Same thing goes for sports, just pause time halfway through a play so you can catch your breath then unpause and keep on playing. If you ever find yourself in a fight, you’ll never lose. If you’re in a crunch for time, just pause and drive to your desired location. No traffic, no problem. But time control isn’t limited to pausing; it also includes the fast forward and reversal of time as well.

We’ve all had those moments where we wish we hadn’t said something, and we’ve all done something that we wish we hadn’t. Well, with time control, why not just go back in time and change what you said or did? If you accidently urinated your pants in class, it basically didn’t happen. However going back in time is where the dangers of paradoxes come into play which is why I wouldn’t recommend going more than a year into the past. Even if your intentions are good, like to prevent 9/11, the effects could be catastrophic. What if a victim of 9/11 gave birth to one of the most evil humans of all time? What if you went back to the assasination of Martin Luther King Jr. and killed James Ray, his assassninator, but it turned out that Steve Jobs was a product of Ray’s actions? Now we don’t have iPhones, and a world without iPhones is a world without happiness.

With these features in mind, time control is obviously the ultimate super power. Smarter than Iron Man, faster than the Flash, and stealthier than Batman, a person with time control would be unstoppable.

While time travel may seem fictional, the advancement of science and technology may actually allow for the creation of a time travel machine. However, the amount of time and effort that such a machine would require, well, ain’t nobody got time for dat.

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