By Caleb Weil

There are not that many lunch options for juniors and seniors with off-campus privileges.
But there is hope for those tired of In-N-Out, Chipotle, and Panda Express in two locations slightly off the usual lunchtime path.

First, there is Pupuseria Salvadorena. This Salvadorian spot is an interesting and exotic alternative to fast food. Located at 1403 Maple Ave, it is only a five minute drive away from SA. Their pupusas are fresh and delicious, and you can buy two for under 10 dollars. Watch out for their salsas, which can be really spicy!

The only problem with Pupuseria Salvadorena is that it can take up to 20 minutes from when you order to when you get your food. But, because of its close proximity and light crowds, Pupuseria Salvadorena is a good option for SA students.

For those who are tired of the high prices and long waits at Ike’s, Lazzini’s Market is a great alternative. Lazzini’s is an authentic deli and market with amazing sandwiches. Lazzini’s is under a 10-minute drive from Sonoma Academy, about a mile down Bennett Valley road.

They make an excellent tri-tip sandwich, which is called the Godfather. There are a wide variety of chips and drinks, and a full meal is little more than 10 dollars. They make their sandwiches super quickly, and the staff is very friendly. On clear days, there is outdoor seating, but Lazzini’s is also a very easy meal to grab-n-go.

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