On August 26, the students of the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country team met at Julliard Park at the crack of dawn to volunteer for the Santa Rosa Marathon. About 45 orange-and-black-clad students and 20 parents directed, provided water for, and cheered on the approximately 1,900 participants of the 5K, Half-Marathon, and Marathon.

Upon arrival, the students were separated into water station and 5K groups. In a very Cross Country Camp-esque arrangement, the 11 students designated for the 5K were jam-packed into a Jeep with Julia Stamps, one of the event organizers.

The students were then dropped off one-by-one at different locations along the course to help close off the streets, direct the runners, and cheer them on with their SRHS spirit.

After the last of the 5K runners passed by, the students found their ways back to Julliard Park to help Water Station 1 pass out water bottles to the marathon runners.

Freshman Michael Horton was crowned as champion water bottle distributer after giving out 63 water bottles. Justin Dante, sophomore, came in a close second with 55, followed by sophomore Jacob Plack with 49. Junior Trixie Scolari trailed behind with 10 at the end of the day.

“You have to put your arm out farther than everyone else, that way the runners go for your water bottle instead,” Horton explained.

It has not yet been determined how much money was made for the SRHS Cross Country team, however it should be decided early next week. The team is supposed to receive between three and five thousand dollars.

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