A wakeup call on loving our country

By CYPRIEN PEARSON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL On a quiet afternoon at home earlier this year, I happened upon “The Glen Beck Show” — the conservatively biased “news” hour that used to be on Fox. At first I laughed: What is this about a girl not being allowed to [...]

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How close must AIDS get before we care?

By CYPRIEN PEARSON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL In the wake of terrible disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan, there has been a never-ending stream of people shrugging, “It doesn’t affect me . . . Why should I care?” Although it may be true that a woman struggling to [...]

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Petaluma doesn’t need another shopping center

In Petaluma's downtown, there are boutiques and restaurants aplenty; we have no need of a large department store, as well. At the location previously belonging to Kenilworth Junior High, a Target and its accompanying shops will hardly improve our small town. Rather, it will inhibit our traditions.

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5 Coziest Breakfast Spots in Petaluma

Time and time again, one may hear complaints such as “the egg basket of the world has no worthwhile egg restaurants...”

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