In the midst of the studio buzz, Renee Bunn is in a heated argument with the movie director. The director angrily argues that he needs his new teenage star for an important shoot, but Bunn argues for something even more important: A history lesson on Napoleonic history.

Meeting a famous actress or popular singer is a secret (or not-so-secret) dream of millions of people. Most, unfortunately, will not meet this dreamy goal, aside from a hurried autograph signing or a glimpse of the star at an awards show. However, Bunn has ambitions that go beyond simply seeing celebrities: She wants to educate them.

Bunn’s inspiration for her future job ambition stems from the fact that her own aunt works in Los Angeles and has taught stars, such as Selena Gomez.

“Every day when Selena would go to film her show, she would be with my aunt,” said Bunn.

Her aunt teaches the actors “whenever they can squeeze it in,” Bunn explains. “It’s not even a big deal for her to be with celebrities.”

Bunn didn’t always want to work with actors in studios. Originally, her career goal leaned toward psychology.

“I spent a lot of time contemplating what to do,” said Bunn.

As she learned more of what her aunt did, and after she joined her on studio visits, Bunn’s interest in the job increased more and more.

“I was on the show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ and the Jonas Brothers movie. Getting to actually see it in person is just incredible,” said Bunn. Her aunt “encouraged me to do that job because it’s for an independent person.”

The independence and traveling required for the job of a studio teacher are the two main sources of attraction for Bunn.

“Traveling is one of the main aspects; you have to be willing to do that. I can accept the independence that comes with it,” said Bunn.

The benefits of traveling around are more major than they seem. Bunn’s aunt recently returned from London where she was teaching at a studio.

“You’re getting paid to do traveling you would do otherwise, on vacation or something,” said Bunn.

Although the life of actors and celebrities seems idle and labor-less, the teachers must work very hard to have open schedules to teach.

“When I was there for ‘Wizards,’ right in between filming different scenes, if there was a scene Selena Gomez wasn’t in, my aunt would take her right up to a schoolroom and try to get in a history lesson,” said Bunn.

Being a teacher in a studio takes just as much work as it takes to be a teacher in a school.

“You need to get a teaching credential,” said Bunn. “You need to be specialized in a lot of different subjects because you teach kids from all different ranges.”

Popular actors, actressesand singers may have lives full of lights and fans and paparazzi, but even the most famous stars must fit in some time for school. This is where Bunn’s aunt fits in, and this is where Bunn herself hopes to fit in.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it and getting paid to do it. You get paid to travel, paid to see the world. And I have the potential to teach.”