When I was in the fourth grade, I would rush home from school every afternoon and prop myself on the couch, tuning in to ABC Family for yet another episode of my favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls. I would watch as Rory, the main character, went after her dream of attending Yale. She was accepted; I wanted to be just like her.
    After seeing Legally Blonde for the first time, I decided I wanted to study law at Harvard. I was an indecisive child with big dreams. My volatile nature was undeniable, but my dream of going to college never faltered.
    By the beginning of my freshman year, I was dutifully committed. I purchased a copy of The Fiske Guide to Colleges and pulled out a package of post-its, already determined to find my perfect school.
    Since my early days of watching Gilmore Girls to the reality of college tours and the application process, college has always been my motivation.
In the last four years I have spent my time looking toward the future, immersed in the prospect of college. There has been anticipation for the chance to graduate, move out, go to college, and begin our lives. Our future always seemed so tangible. If only we did ten more hours of community service, scored 100 points higher on the SAT, or managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, the future was ours. It all seemed so clear, so clean cut; but the truth is, we have reached a point when the lines begin to blur: the straightforward definition of success and the comfort of our high school years is quickly coming to an end.
    Eventually, my time came. I was accepted to all but two of the schools I applied to and, ultimately, decided on Cal Poly. My effort paid off.
    Our whole lives we have waited, listening to our elders tell us how much excitement the future will hold: first it was sixth-grade-camp, then the infamous freshman hazing; there was the egg bowl rivalry and the traditional homecoming game, prom, senior ditch day, the senior bike ride, and finally—at long last—graduation day.
    Now, here we are. Whether we are ready or not, it is time to say our goodbyes, preserve our memories, and prepare to move on to a new chapter where the future is, terrifyingly obscure. It is bittersweet but, just as we have always been told, there is nothing more exciting than the future, however undefined and open-ended it may be.