By Ian Runge and Dylan Steiner
Reclaim Wall Street. A movement is needed to end the movement that benefits no one, fails to establish definite requests, and hosts a fiesta for left-wing extremists jealous of the Tea Party next door.
Protestors gather support in numbers that bear no substantial influence. They find recruits among those ignorant of political issues who do not understand the ideas behind the slogans they blindly wave.
While the original protestors had noble ideas, those initiatives have gone by the wayside. These ideas have been replaced by naivety and nostalgia for a time when protests made a difference in America.
Visions of recreating the rebellious atmosphere of the 1960s protests cloud the minds of people who only wish they could have attended Woodstock.
However protesters cannot hope to acquire a similar scale of support. In fact, the largest group of people New York has seen occupying its parks are the tourists and media personnel intent on getting a slice of the perceived political action.
Recently, protestors have begun quarreling over the various living conditions they have created for themselves. Problems include homeless inhabitants and ex-cons hoping to benefit from daily rations of free meals, clothing, and bedding.
The protests have, in general, received many financial donations from outside supporting groups; however, without proper regulations, these large sums of money have not been effectively dispersed among protestors, resulting in certain members hoarding more than their needed amount. Such incidents are almost humorously ironic, paralleling the large amount of money held by America’s wealthiest one percent.
The protestors, in the face of gaining financial opportunity, have discovered they are not unlike those they protest against.
Although the Occupy Wall Street movement has righteous intentions and a viable vision for improving the country, its execution has not been carried out in the most effective manner.
These liberal protestors have prided themselves in that they have an equal majority devoid of true leadership, but if they wish to see their goals realized, their tactics require modification.
Sitting around and whining won’t aid anyone.