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Further to go

By Colin Deas For years, people have tried to predict how human society will change, how our technology will evolve, and how we as a species will reshape ourselves.  These people range from science fiction writers to early-twentieth-century historians to experts in genetic economics, and some of them make predictions [...]

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Armed Forces

by Colin Deas Costa Rica.  When you hear about this country, you think of beautiful ocean shores, lush free rainforests, and a wonderfully tropical climate.  What you probably don’t think of is neutrality.  This small country became militarily neutral in December 1948 after President José Figueres Ferrer permanently abolished their [...]

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Academic Competition as an Enhancement to Society

Competition is the best and most readily feasible way to save the American education system and to finally reincarnate the scientific achievements of the previous century.

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The United Nations is a waste

The United Nations now deploys “peace keeping” troops all over the world to areas at high risk for violence or genocide, but in many cases the presence of blue helmeted UN troops in these unstable regions have caused nothing more than more violence and bloodshed.

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The Extent of Technology

Our growing interest in technology makes it more interesting for us to think about what will come from our current computers and processors.

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Free speech, hate speech

Free speech is important, and cannot be limited by what any one group sees as “acceptable” speech, because when one opinion is censored, it opens the door to all opinion being censored at the discretion of the majority.

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Obama’s base leaking away

Obama should forget about trying to appear moderate because it won’t get anything done.

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College pioneers

Some students take college for granted, then there are the pioneers.

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Don’t Pinch Me

Why do we celebrate St. Paddy's day in the first place?

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Censorware: Doing more harm than good

The websites I needed for research purposes were blocked by our friend Smartfilter, Bess edition, HUSD's censorship method of choice.

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