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In modern media, it’s a man’s world

  By Juliet Daniel An American Apparel advertisement for a flannel shirt shows a man sitting by a window, shirt buttoned up and tucked in, hands in pockets, looking relatively normal. An advertisement by the same company for the same shirt depicts a woman stretched out in front of a [...]

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Rave and/or die

This newly formed word to cater the genre, dubstep, which is so new that even autocorrect tells me it’s wrong, is slowly influencing the music you hear endlessly on repeat on the radio.

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Class Warfare

For one, the top five percent of Americans own an astounding 62% of the wealth (and I’m using figures from 2007; since the recession began and millions of productive citizens lost their jobs, income inequality has only increased).

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A truly bad day

by Cassidy Jourdan  As our generation continues to age, our perceptions of our surroundings change as well. One of the most obvious changes I’ve seen as we’ve grown together, is how often one might consider themselves having a bad day. I’d estimate about two or more friends of mine state [...]

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Focusing on Burma through a lens

There are dozens of them and one of me, and while I wanted to meet them and get to know them, there was the fact that there was no spoken language we shared.

By | January 31st, 2011|1 Comment

Religious beliefs trample free speech

 By Hank Smith            On April 14 of 2010, episode 201 of the Comedy Central show South Park aired for the first time with multiple bleeps and “CENSORED” blocks spread throughout the episode, and they weren’t part of the original episode. As it turns out, the TV network, Comedy Central, [...]

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Because I’m Brown

By Elia Rodriquez It didn’t look like much. The gallery and surrounding furniture consisted of a brief and narrow hallway leading into a room with four placid, bare, blue-gray walls, the light sifting through the windows to highlight the dirty gray floor and the gigantic roll of brown paper lying [...]

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The Internet Generation

By Graham Sarasy We are the distracted generation. My generation – from here onwards referred to as The Google Babies – is the first in history to have such unprecedented access to information (and by that I mean mostly garbage) in the form of the Internet. We – specifically those [...]

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The decade

  By Graham Sarasy It was only ten years ago that we all stood looking at the coming decade with glowing eyes and expectations, the future was so full of hope, and now the past is so full of pain. We can see now that the world is changing, the [...]

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Driving with a conscience

By Rebecca Friedemann Never forget Brett.  Those are the three words printed on the orange basketball I have attached to my keychain.  The problem is I never even knew Brett.  He died back in 2004, before we were in high school, before we yearned for a license, before any of [...]

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