Capturing Moments

Imagine having the chance to capture any millisecond at any given time of your life. Life is made up of countless moments which define our current identity and contribute to our future ones. The world is at your fingertips with the single click of a button.

I am a photographer because it allows me to show the world my perspective of reality. Most people would take a picture of someone,and consider it to be just any other photo. A photographer, on the other hand, will take a photo of someone and  convey all the elements of photography which most people never take the time to notice. Everything matters in just one still frame. The colors, lighting, and saturation are just a fraction of the components which are needed to portray a mood.

In middle school, I didn’t have much appreciation for photography; I didn’t see what was so hard about it until I took a trip to Venice, but then I understood: photography is truly an art. Just as a painter has the choice to paint with watercolors or oil, a photographer has the choice to choose whether a photo is light or dark, but in the end both photographer and painter will be making a work of art, and each detail in a painter and a photographer’s work plays a role in how it makes us feel once we see it.

Ever since the summer of eighth grade, I discovered a love for photography — it had been during the course of my trip to Italy, while I was in Venice. Astounded by all of the beauty and architecture, it was so hard to soak it all in at once. I was on a gondola ride, and while taking in the amazing environment, reality kicked in. I wasn’t going to be in Italy forever, and these moments would eventually just be memories. So, in order to freeze time forever and show my friends and family back home the way I saw Italy through my eyes, I started taking photos; this opened many doors for me and led me to look at life in a new way.

From Italy, I went to France. Every place I went, I saw everything as an opportunity for not just any type of photo, but a photo unique to me with a story hidden between every pixel. Even though I was taking photos on my iPod, I was content. Once I got back home, I was still amazed with all the beautiful visuals I had seen and all the amazing photos I had taken.

The rest of the summer, I continued taking photos and then the day I had been waiting for finally came. I had finally reached the next level and was ready to step my game up. The only way I could do this was with a DSLR. My cousin let me have her Canon T1i, and I was stoked because now I could experiment at a more advanced level.

Ever since that day in Venice I have been hooked on taking photos. It has a opened a world of creativity by letting me see the views of others as well as letting them see mine. I don’t think I will ever stop because there is no reason to. I love sharing my photography and experiences with others. It makes me feel like I’m bringing joy to others just through a visual. The feeling can only be explained in one word: fulfilling. To this day, I continue to take photos every chance I get because it is something I am passionate about, and it allows people to get a glimpse of my life through a frozen frame.

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