By Liam Kolling

Perhaps, someday soon, Director of Athletics Chris Ziemer will be seen giving a lecture on the Civil War, or Theater Director Jenifer Coté will be spotted helping an eager soul perfect the high jump.

Do teachers and faculty members make the best coaches? Do their skills in the classroom translate to success in the face of competition?

Many SA staff members have made the transition into the athletic department, and are truly leaving a mark. In basketball, several faculty and staff members of the SA community have joined the coaches.

Associate Director of Admissions Luc Martin has long been known as the rock who carefully guides the incoming class of freshmen. More recently, however, he has stepped into the role of assistant head basketball coach.

His coaching skills have been carefully honed through his experience with coaching and playing football.

“Luc has been a great addition to the squad,” said sophomore Evan Lampson, a member of the varsity team. “[He] motivates me to get physical in the games.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the court, STEM teacher David Murray is making boys into men with his strong yet sensitive coaching methods. Even with the large roster, David manages to work with each student as the JV Boys Basketball Head Coach.

“David’s teaching skills translate into his coaching skills,” said sophomore Aris Saxena, who plays on the junior varsity boys basketball team. “He’s a great guy!”

But winter sports are not the only place where teachers and faculty can be found. Kirstyne Lange, from the advancement office, doubles as the junior varsity volleyball coach. She is known by her team to stay calm, cool, and collected even in the face of stiff competition.

Admissions Associate Roy Vega is a pillar of the varsity boys soccer team coaches. His pragmatic approach to the game is refreshing.

“Roy is not only a great coach but a great friend,” said junior Noah Gannon. “He was the reason that I showed up to practice every day.”

Because of the barriers broken in sports, having SA staff join in the coaching on the field and the court deconstructs the barrier between students and teachers, and allows stronger relationships and bonds to come to fruition in our community.

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