By Stella Favaro and Madison O’Brien

Freshman Jane Coneybeer has caused quite a stir on campus.

Mark, a one-week old baby goat, has accompanied her to Sonoma Academy several times. Born a kid of parents Remarkable Precedent and Holiday Spice, he was named Remarkably Spicy; Mark for short.

He was born a week premature, and had to be bottle fed because his mother didn’t have enough milk. To help, Jane decided to take on the task of caring for this newborn.

Asked if there were health concerns for baby Mark while on campus, Jane said, “There are a few. There are a lot of foreign germs here that he can pick up.”

She has been working with goats for about five years, and is the proud owner of eighteen, some of them show-winners. Jane dreams of pursuing a veterinary career.

“There isn’t really a reason,” said Jane about her pursuit of goat breeding and showing. “When I came to Glen Ellen, we moved onto a pygmy goat farm. I’ve been breeding, selling, and showing goats since then.”

When asked how people are reacting to a baby goat on campus, Jane laughed. “They’re very distracted,” she said, “but everyone seems delighted to have him.”

One concern many students have is whether or not she is licensed and qualified to do what she’s doing. “Kind of,” she said, “I’ve gotten specific training from vets and people who have worked with goats for 30-plus years.”

Sonoma Academy is probably the only high school where bringing a goat on campus is accepted. Not only is it accepted, but the faculty and students just adore little Mark.

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