By Caspian Morast

Thanks to senior and captain Eli Rosen-Duran, the cross country team is looking forward to a comfortable fall season.

Eli was inspired to create the uniforms after Athletic Director Chris Ziemer had mentioned that it would be interesting if a student athlete designed new jerseys.

Rosen-Duran used a Nike website to create the new look. He has also used this website to design jerseys for himself and other cross country teams.

“The previous uniforms were old and uncomfortable, plus they were two different styles, making it hard to distinguish SA runners during a meet,” said Eli. As many cross-country runners can testify, the old jerseys were heavy and hot, and could severely hinder runners’ performance.

Over the years, the old, previously comfortable cross country jerseys had received a fair amount of wear and tear, and many of them had been torn or rendered unusable. As a result, they only came in large and medium sizes, of which Rosen-Duran is neither.

“They could not have turned out better,” said Eli. The new uniforms are light, comfortable, and breathe well—a big help during a late summer meet.

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