By Stella Favaro and Sierra Maciorowski

The dirt rows have been dug, the cranes have deployed, and the hill has been turned into a construction site, with the promise of a new stage and amphitheater.

Although most students were used to the sloped grass of the amphitheater’s more natural design, the grass was never intended to be the only seating area.

“When we first moved into the campus, we had to stop and not put in the concrete seat-walls, because of some other cost overruns,” said Derice Hogle, Director of Finance and Operations, “so we’re excited to be able to complete the project now. Instead of a wood stage, which is what we used to have, this will be a concrete stage,” Derice said. “[The stage] will fill the curved sidewalk down there.”

With a bigger stage area, it seems likely that the amphitheater will see much more use from theater classes and lunches alike. There are also multiple layers of concrete benches under construction, running horizontally across the slope of the hill. With actual benches, there will be many more opportunities for the school to use the amphitheater as a gathering place.

“I think it’d be nice to have community meetings there,” said Humanities teacher
Marco Morrone. “Sometime when the sun is shining.”

Unfortunately, while the area was under construction, some students felt that they were missing out on the grassy lunch site. “I love the idea [of the new amphitheater],” said freshman McKenna Sell, “but I just wish it would go faster.” Many students agreed with her, since losing access to the grassy hill has made finding places to eat lunch, do homework, and hang out significantly harder.

However, once the yellow tape has been lifted, students will have even more spaces to eat. And, since the benches will be concrete, there may be many less grass stains on clothing around campus.

Everyone is waiting for the construction to be complete, so that the campus will be quiet, undisturbed, and clean once again—this time, with a promising addition.

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