With bacon, chicken, ranch and more, Mom and Pop’s #6 is so irresistable that Jacob cannot order anything else.

Jacob Whiton, Staff Writer

Having eaten there several times now, I’ve become a cheerleader for Mom and Pops Sandwich Shop on 4th street.


Knowing nothing about it initially, I was coaxed into trying it by a friend of mine who was keen to point out their selection of sandwiches named for local high school mascots (that includes the Mighty Panther).


You may have originally recognized it as Mr. Pickles, but the establishment has since defranchised and adopted the new moniker.


So far, I’ve committed myself to the #6 with everything on it, and have yet to enter the establishment without immediately craving chicken, bacon, ranch, pickles, and an assortment of vegetables I wouldn’t care to identify individually. Some might consider a complete lack of creativity in sandwich selection a flaw in a restaurant reviewer, but I know what I like, and what I like is Mom and Pop’s #6.


Each time I go, the food arrives quickly, and the service is great. I’ve also rarely encountered a line, which is more than I can say for other restaurant establishments in Santa Rosa. Perhaps many have yet to realize how great this place is. A sandwich, soda, chips, and a cookie thrown in for free make a lunch at Mom and Pops devoid of any needless frills, just a well crafted sandwich and the necessary accompaniments.

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