The ham and cheese crepe is a great option for a savory snack.

Celine Sargis, Staff Writer

Walking into Crepe Daze, I had a clear vision in my mind of what it would be like: a typical French café, well, the American version of a French café. I imagined dark walls, little round table with two chairs on each side, and the smell of coffee in the air, kind of like a fancier Starbucks, but with a bitter short man at the counter with a funny mustache and an accent, rather than a middle aged hipster.

But as soon as I entered, I was oddly, but pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was far from what I had expected. With its sky blue walls and large wooden tables, it felt more like someone’s home than a restaurant. The walls were decorated with a variety of artwork from local artists. I was so intrigued, I nearly forgot the reason I was there: the food.

I had no idea what the food was going to be like considering I had never eaten a crepe in my life, but I assumed if it was French, it was good. When I got up to the counter, I had to spend about five minutes looking at the menu, not because it was complicated (it was actually quite simple and straightforward), but because everything looked so good and appetizing; I didn’t know what to choose!

After much contemplation, I finally decided on a ham and cheese crepe, with a strawberry and Nutella crepe for dessert. At first, I was a bit shocked by the price of the crepes, but once I saw the size of them, I knew I’d be getting my money’s worth. I sat down at a table and waited for my crepes to be ready. I could see straight into the kitchen where they were being made. I got comfort in knowing my food was being prepared fresh.

While I was waiting, I took a look around the restaurant a bit more. There was a bookshelf with board games and books on it. It was a little old fashioned, but definitely added to the “home like” feeling. I also noticed two men on laptops next to a sign notifying customers that there was free Wi-Fi. There were also two computers in the back, free, and available to anyone who wished to use them. It seemed like the perfect little place to spend a Sunday morning, or for the JC students, breaks between classes.

After about ten to fifteen minutes of waiting, my crepes were ready. It took a little bit, but as I took my first bite, I knew it was absolutely worth it. For those of you who have never eaten a crepe before, it’s basically a thin pancake folded in half with ingredients of your choice inside.

The crepe I ate was filled with ham, melted cheese and red peppers, which gave the crepe the perfect kick. I ate the entire thing in what seemed like five seconds, but more realistically, was probably around five minutes.

I then moved on to the dessert crepe, which is what Crepe Daze is most popularly known for. When I took my first bite of the strawberry and Nutella crepe, it was sheer bliss. The crepe was heated to the perfect temperature, leaving the Nutella slightly melted, but the strawberries cool enough to enjoy. I literally consumed that one in about five seconds.

When all was said and done I left Crepe Daze very satisfied. Although the wait was a bit lengthy, it was most definitely worth it. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the service was extremely friendly, and the food was to die for. I am very pleased with my experience there and cannot wait to go back for more.

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