Technology vs. Tradition

Technology is swiftly advancing and with it the most productive and advanced countries in the world, i.e. the United States, China, and Japan, are constantly racing in this technological era to create tools...

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Consumerism during the holiday season

Black Friday fails to save consumer dollars. It’s true, Nike and PacSun promote all-store discount sales for their already over-priced items, and spenders...

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Giving Back Christmas

Stepping out of the San Diego Airport, I was refreshed by the beautiful panorama of succulent palm trees situated like dominoes stretched across...

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Facebook opens connections

How many people actually remember the pre-historic times of Xanga, the first free, public and personalized blogging website...

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Artistry receeds as commercialism triumphs

You turn on your radio in the car as you drive to school, to lunch, back to school, and then finally back home. The first station that you turn to...

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The High Price of Maturity

I hate change: I moved to California when I was five. I originally grew up in Ontario, Canada. When my father received...

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Learning can be most advanced during the summer

Summer, a time when the sun stretches across the horizon into the zenith and perpetually remains there for an eternity, a time when multitudinous fields of...

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Understanding Tragedy

I bowed my head, closed my eyes, and listened to the hymns that were sung as the music resonated off the arched walls of the church sanctuary; I listened to the obituaries...

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