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Teen Life: Zeltzin Campillo of Windsor High

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT It was barely more than five years ago that Zeltzin Campillo, then a shy middle-schooler, moved to the United States knowing no one beyond her immediate family and speaking little English. Now an outgoing Windsor High School junior whose debate-team experience and interest in public service have her contemplating a career in the law and, maybe, running for public office one day, Campillo said she considers herself American despite so many years living just… Read More »

Teen Face: Amanda M. Hauth

By BOB NORBERG THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Amanda M. Hauth remembers when golf for her was making sand angels in the bunkers, while now it is celebrating the rare hole-in-one and anchoring her high school team. In the Windsor High School senior’s future, golf may lead to a college scholarship and, just maybe, playing golf professionally. “I want to see where college takes me. I plan on doing really good in college, but if that is an option, I would take… Read More »

Why they chose the military

By ADAM SILOW MARIA CARRILLO HIGH SCHOOL Becoming a Navy SEAL is an aspiration that not many Americans dare to have and even fewer are able to attain. However, for Ryder DeSalvo, 18, of Santa Rosa, this has been a goal long in the making and one that he believes is within his ability to accomplish. “Since middle school it’s been a life dream of mine, and I just can’t wait to get there,” DeSalvo said. DeSalvo graduated in May… Read More »

Teen Life: Rashad Butler

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Rashad Butler, seated in the front, was assigned to take the photos when he and his dad took a helicopter tour of New York City a few years back. But not a single frame was shot — because, says his dad, Butler was too fascinated with the pilot and his handling of the aircraft to take any pictures. It was an early indication of a growing interest in aviation that would send the recent… Read More »

Teen Face: Morgan Rasmason of Windsor

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT To question why Morgan Rasmason excels at whatever sport she plays is a little like asking why giraffes walk moments after they’re born. “It’s how birds know how to fly and giraffes know how to walk. It’s just there,” said Kurt Ludwigsen, Morgan’s softball travel ball coach. “She’s just spooky good at everything she does.” Morgan, 17, is a senior at Windsor High School whose natural success on the field and court seems to… Read More »

Teen Face: Gabriella Carroll

  By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Gabriella Carroll has had clear vision for about a year, ever since she realized people are only as beautiful as they believe themselves to be — even if they wear glasses. That lesson came to Gabbi when she met a fellow youth leader at Camp Rad of the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese in summer 2010. Gabriella, a recent Windsor High School grad, for years refused to wear glasses for reasons of vanity, even… Read More »

Teen Face: Emily Glanton

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT During most of high school, there were three weeks each year when Emily Glanton had to find time for varsity cheerleading and varsity swim team without compromising her Advanced Placement studies, her part-time job or her sleep. Glanton, 18, said she was able to juggle so many balls because of an intense ability to focus and high expectations for herself. She said she thrives on a busy life. “I’m definitely a Type A personality,”… Read More »

Teen Face: Jared Rippey

By STEVE HART THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Jared Rippey, a 17-year-old senior at Windsor High School, comes across as a happy, well-adjusted, high-achieving teen. He has a 4.0 grade point average, volunteers with the Red Cross and performs as principal percussionist with the Santa Rosa Symphony’s Youth Orchestra. But Jared has had to overcome a problem that could have easily held him back. From elementary school to his sophomore year in high school, he was a victim of relentless bullying. “It… Read More »

Teen Face: Amy, Jonathan and Peter Jeffrey

By KERRY BENEFIELD THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Forgive the Jeffrey siblings if they sometimes refer to themselves as “we.” Amy, a senior, and identical twin brothers Peter and Jonathan, juniors, are associated student body officers at Windsor High School, as well as members of Interact Club, Advanced Placement Core and debate team. They all maintain grade point averages of more than 4.0 and all call their parents their heroes. “They have this unique way of supporting one another. It’s almost as… Read More »