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Video games: State ban violates First Amendment

By JONNY MOON SONOMA ACADEMY, SENIOR, 18 I came home from school and jumped into the saddle of my American Standardbred. I galloped through the plains of the Midwest and dueled my way to fame. I shot criminals, hogtied bandits and saved a revolutionary’s wife. My good deeds saved the life of innocent people, but these actions may soon be banned, as I did this while playing “Red Dead Redemption,” an alleged “overly violent video game.” In 2004, California passed… Read More »

Video games: Children shouldn’t be able to buy violent games

By DANIEL WILLENS SONOMA ACADEMY, JUNIOR, 16 Killing innocent civilians and picking up and beating prostitutes aren’t activities parents want their children doing in their free time. Therefore, it only seems logical that minors should be prohibited from buying or renting video games where these actions occur. A California law passed in 2005 does just that, but it was immediately challenged in federal court and is being examined by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court should find this law constitutional.… Read More »