Too many applications, too few acceptances

Twenty applications, several with multiple essays, and, ultimately, only one college.

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Middle East Rebellion

Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya. It’s a new year, a year for revolutions galvanizing a chain reaction of democratic uprisings...

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Students share responsibility

Consider the ratios of a classroom: one teacher to 32 students. That is 32 chattering mouths and 64 ears heedless to the teacher’s instruction. How then, can we expect to learn curriculum, write essays, complete assignments, and...

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Irresponsible Government

Abraham Lincoln once said that this was “a government of the people, by the people, for the people,” however, in recent times, the truth behind this ideal seems to have faded. What began two and a half centuries...

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Embracing embarrassment

According to the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper, a survey of incoming freshmen revealed that their greatest fear, bigger than...

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Electives round out an education

English. History. Math. Science. Maybe P.E., maybe Spanish. The budget cuts have not only increased class sizes, but have decreased...

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Democracy needs responsible citizens

High school students are told they live in a democracy where everyone’s opinion counts, but then hear that they are still a few years too young to...

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Voting to voice opinions

Across the nation, young adults ages 18 to 24 are the least likely to vote in any election, and are the least politically aware. With graduation approaching...

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Pressured to fit in

We all have expectations, whether they are societal pressures to mold into a specific style or to act in a certain manner. Too often as young...

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Competing for a future education

College bound students begin preparation for their applications as early as freshman year. Eager freshmen sign up for clubs, classes, and sports that will elevate their application and make it competitive with applicants from around the country. Without extracurricular activities, students’ applications are incomplete. In order to get into universities, students must be...

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