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Laptop Liberation

By Jake Lawson You or may not be surprised that equality, above all else, is the foundation of our laptop policy here at Sonoma Academy. “Three years ago, when the technology task force met and specified a one-to-one laptop policy, they created it for three reasons. The first was equity of access, meaning everybody would have the same machine. It’s a leveling of the playing field, so to speak. There’s a strong sentiment about that amongst the faculty, and amongst… Read More »

Technology: The Road to Ruin

By Natalie Ambrosio   Imagine a world where no one thinks for themselves. Everyone has beady eyes and stubby fingers – the perfect fit for typing on computers and cell phones, but not for much else. Instead of using interpretive thinking and empathy to solve their problems, the people of this deranged future have turned to technological devices to accomplish things easily, quickly, and without having to think at all. Technology is gradually making us lose our ability to think… Read More »

Present Predictions

By Marbeya Garcia-Bermudez After watching “Back to the Future II” for the first time in years, I wondered what society has predicted correctly for the future. As we are now “in the future” the variety of success has been vast, ranging from smart phones, iPods, and the internet to digital cameras and wireless video games. However, we have yet to achieve many of the predictions made in the 1900s. Flying cars, hover boards, weather control, and the Cubs winning the… Read More »

Bound books us. the Kindle

Bound Books By Caity Tremblay Technology is redefining what it means to communicate. Reading a book is a physical and mental experience, an experience uniquely human, but the tradition of reading in a book is now contending with a new cyber-competitor. Will Amazon’s launch of an e-book reader, the Kindle, replace the classical form of a book? Should it? There is a conceptual dichotomy between the e-book and a physical book, a division more feeling than fact. Physical books have… Read More »

Further to go

By Colin Deas For years, people have tried to predict how human society will change, how our technology will evolve, and how we as a species will reshape ourselves.  These people range from science fiction writers to early-twentieth-century historians to experts in genetic economics, and some of them make predictions that won’t happen for many, many years yet.  But their predictions have often turned out to be true, and many of them have achieved fame for their ingenuity and faith… Read More »

No need for speed

By Luther Cenci For hundreds of years, forms of entertainment have remained largely static. People steadfastly relied on books, drama, live music and oral tradition to soften the grind of their daily labors. However, with the advent of new technology, choices for entertainment have exploded across a variety of platforms. The modern consumer can select between videogames, movies, television, Internet video, Internet comedy, instant music downloads, animated features as well as the traditional entertainment options. This New Entertainment is one… Read More »

Shaped by technology

The Internet has become such an accessible option for most any task, and we take its easy availability for granted in the maximum amount of ways. Computers can be utilized most anywhere, from public libraries to private homes, and with a click of a button, one can be connected to millions of different websites and pages. There are websites for research, shopping, bill-paying, social networking and purchasing music. However, the majority of people worldwide forget that all of these jobs can be completed in person.… Read More »