Doing it All in the Fall

By Elizabeth Kolling Sixty seconds in a minute, 60 min in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 18 weeks in the Fall Semester, a meager 3024 hours to divide between academics, athletics, theatre, debate, speech and the multitude of other student activities offered [...]

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Alex Figueiredo, 15

I Am No Olympian     This was it, finally. The sun was glaring down at me, beating me with its endless, Apollo-worthy electromagnetic hammer of brightness. Sweat flowed down my face like jubilant magma flowing from a cryptodomic volcano. The dust from the track rose around me like an army [...]

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Ashley Moffett, 17

A Passion To Run Running is an individual sport; a runner may be a member of a team, but in the end, the result of the race depends solely on one person: you. Regardless of the speed or strength of your body, without mental stamina, your endurance, performance, and potential [...]

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A retrospective look at this year’s basketball season

Max Garshman, Guest Writer With spring sports on the way, many may have started to forget all about the winter sports. However, this past basketball season, of both the women’s and men’s teams, deserves some discussion.   Let’s look at the women’s basketball team first.The Lady Panther basketball [...]

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New alumni baseball coaches bring positive outlook

  Mikaela Beloberk, Editor-in-Chief Things are looking bright for Santa Rosa High’s baseball team this year, especially with the addition of three new assistant coaches. The three new coaches, all of whom are SRHS alumni, have high hopes for this year and each brings something special to the team.   [...]

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What’s Too Far?

By Alyssa Mintz  “Coach: noun. A person who trains an athlete or team of athletes.”                                               “Coach: verb. To give instruction or advice...” A coach to most here at [...]

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Micro-inequities Among Girls’ and Boys’ Sports

By Allison Ashley It was February 18th at 7pm and rival teams Sonoma Academy and Rincon Valley Christian were playing for the girls' varsity basketball championship tournament game for NCS Division 5. RVC had already beaten SA three times during the season, so SA was looking for a big win! [...]

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Cheers and jeers

By KC Jeppesen Heckling has long been a part of sports, and will not be quickly removed from the sports world. Both cheering and booing are essential to the spirit of competition. Other SCL schools’ fans make the SVHS players into victims of verbal harassment in the form of heckling, [...]

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Peanut Gallery

Fizzy drinks, crunchy chips, and spicy dips littered the coffee table in the living room. The delicious snacks presented the salty aroma accustomed...

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Brayan Araiza

On the football field, senior Brayan Araiza constantly showcased his talent, ending his high school career with a successful season playing...

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