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Michaela Western, 15

The Hands I Grew Up With The hands I grew up holding were not soft, manicured hands that spent their days at rest. The hands I grew up with were rough, calloused: working hands. Walking through the park one afternoon–when I was three or so–my tiny hand encased in the strong grip of my father’s, my little toddler feet running and stumbling to keep up with his grown-man stride, I asked what should have been a simple question: “Daddy, why… Read More »

Lauren Gonzales, 15

Back to Basics Many of my friends ask me why I take film photos. They state: “Lauren, it’s so much easier to just take a photo on your iPhone,” and “Why would you wait so long just to see a picture?!” Film photography is a time honored tradition, one that has gotten lost in the sea of new technology. I believe the modern age has taken away the manual style of life for the world. The satisfying feeling of taking… Read More »

Annie Simon, 15

The Food Experience Food isn’t solely for sustenance: it’s a way of life. Although some people disregard meals and see them merely as necessary, I look forward to the parts of the day cut out to revel in the Earth’s bounty. I was raised to appreciate good food, to criticize it, and to enjoy it. I have loved food since I was young; when I was little, I wrote recipes and bought numerous cookbooks, and my mom and I baked… Read More »

Quinn Pieper, 15

Passion For Music Music defines me; it allows me to stay positive and enthusiastic, express myself, and feel comfortable and content. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My experience began with piano lessons at the age of six. Every Wednesday after school, I would go to my teacher’s house for a half hour. Frequent practicing, method books, and intensive instruction from my teacher helped me improve both my skill and technique,… Read More »