Teen Face: Caity Tremblay

By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Caity Tremblay wears many hats at Sonoma Valley High School: Newspaper editor, honors student, thespian. But she’s mostly identified by an unofficial role. “People know me as that singing girl,” said Tremblay, a senior who will attend UC Davis this fall. “I [...]

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Bound books us. the Kindle

Bound Books By Caity Tremblay Technology is redefining what it means to communicate. Reading a book is a physical and mental experience, an experience uniquely human, but the tradition of reading in a book is now contending with a new cyber-competitor. Will Amazon’s launch of an e-book reader, the Kindle, [...]

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Art with heart: SVHS to India

By Caity Tremblay In our career-driven world art is often disregarded as a trivial practice, but as 25 SVHS artists and 25 orphans in India know, art can be life-changing. “It’s hard to say who got the most enjoyment out of it, the kids or my students,” mused Owen Tuttle, [...]

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Cheers and jeers

By KC Jeppesen Heckling has long been a part of sports, and will not be quickly removed from the sports world. Both cheering and booing are essential to the spirit of competition. Other SCL schools’ fans make the SVHS players into victims of verbal harassment in the form of heckling, [...]

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Is cheerleading a sport?

By SAMANTHA SALEK SONOMA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR, 17 Cheerleading is not a sport. At least, that is, according to a federal judge who ruled in July on the matter. But is the issue really that simple? Quinnipiac University, a private college in Hamden, Conn., was put at [...]

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