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Women Registering for Selective Service

By Allison Ashley As high school seniors approach the highly anticipated age of 18, they receive new freedoms. Now considered adults by the state, they obtain the right to vote and are able to buy cough syrup and spray paint. Along with this new freedom comes the responsibility of having to register for the Selective Service System…but only if you are a boy. Selective Service System is a database that the government has in case we have a national emergency… Read More »

Movie Review: This Is the End

By JoJo Sanders Spoiler alert: in this comedic and sardonic take on the overplayed apocalypse genre, a few people die. On second thought, the entire human population dies, except for some actors-turned-cannibals-slash-sex-slaves, and James Franco. And a few others. To tell the truth, I was a little distracted by those guys. “Those guys” and every other major celebrity you would die to meet (pun intended) kick off the movie attending Franco’s housewarming party. Drugs, booze and a coked-up Michael Cera… Read More »

Connections to Syria

By Sierra Maciorowski 1,429 people have died from the use of chemical weapons in Syria – or, at least, that’s what US Secretary of State John Kerry says – and the conflict’s death total is more than 83,000. Yet those deaths, while important, are not the sole factor to consider for the United States on the topic of intervention. Sonoma Academy has more connections to the country than might be expected- and opinions, which come from all sides of the… Read More »

Decisions, Decisions

By Emmy O’Brien If asked at age eight what they want to be when they grow up, children will give you a “definite” answer. If asked again two days later, the answer will quite possibly be entirely different. Try asking the same question10 years later and a student will probably have even less of an idea. “Sometimes students have a hard time seeing the whole picture and how some of the decisions they make now will affect them in the… Read More »

Equestrian Team Gallops Onto Sonoma Academy Campus

By Sydney Weil There has almost always been a big horseback riding community on campus. Now, those riders have a way to gain experience in a team setting and be a part of the school athletic program. This fall marks the beginning of the new Sonoma Academy Equestrian Team, the only team of its kind in the area. Under the direction of coach Maggie Clancy, eight freshmen and one sophomore practice at Strides Riding Academy twice a week. They will… Read More »

Book Review: Elsewhere–A Dreadful Beauty

By Sierra Maciorowski A childhood spent in Gloversville, the small town which would become the basis for Russo’s future writing endeavors; a young adulthood spent around the nation as his mother’s support and companion; and an adulthood keeping together both his mother’s life and his own… these are the components of Elsewhere, by Richard Russo. Dealing with parents in rarely simple. Dealing with a mother who suffers from so-called nerves, an almost nonexistent sense of her own fears, and a… Read More »

On the AGOGO!

By Allison Ashley This summer, Sonoma Academy junior Tucker Crull worked at an internship in San Francisco where he helped create and design the application AGOGO. The app, which was designed for easy access while driving, has podcasts, music, live radio shows, live traffic, horoscopes and articles, which it can read out loud. The app’s slogan is “channeling your world,” which others might agree with considering the first week it was released it was listed in the Top 20 New… Read More »

Seeking equality in college admissions

By KT BUCKLER SONOMA ACADEMY, JUNIOR, 16 In a little over a year’s time, I will be nervously awaiting college acceptance letters. I have a 4.3 GPA, am bilingual and participate in numerous extracurricular activities. These sound like the kind of things colleges are looking for, right? Not necessarily, given that my skin is white. In 2008, a white female, Abigail Fisher, was denied admission to the undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin. She had a 3.9… Read More »

Teen Face: Zena Hinds

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT At New York University, Zena Hinds of Petaluma has Greenwich Village as a campus — an ideal habitat for a young artist who who dreams of one day performing on Broadway. Hinds, 18, graduated from Sonoma Academy and is now studying music and theater at NYU. She’s been singing and dancing since she was 6 and she knows success on the stage takes a lot of hard work. Although once a shy kid, she… Read More »

Soul Food

By Marbeya Garcia-Bermudez Many people wonder what exactly makes healthy food good for your body and your taste buds. Nowadays, the taste of vegetables and fruits can be altered and improved through new recipes. Looking at a Whole Foods bag one might be attracted to the “Top 10 ANDI”. An ANDI score is “a number from 1 to 1000 that lets you know how nutritious your food is.” Additionally, the “highest scoring food has the most nutrients per calories.” The… Read More »