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Book Review: Half the Sky

By Jess O’Connor Dialogue is the only way to instigate social change. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn understood this when they co-authored their book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide in 2009. The book is a series of stories, woven together by carefully crafted argumentation and solidified through factual evidence and extensive research. The married couple wrote the book as a passionate call to arms against the violence and oppression suffered by women in the third… Read More »

What’s Next? An Investigation of Future Architecture Plans at Sonoma Academy

By Will Twomey Now that we have our newly built field, what is the next “phase” of physical improvements for Sonoma Academy? In the original plan for the school, there were going to be seven buildings built, but even with $40,000,000 to spend, there was not enough money for permits, workers, materials, etc. In the end, just three buildings were built. Even with the number of classrooms SA already has, some teachers find themselves without a definite “home” on campus.… Read More »

Homeless No More

By Jess O’Connor The Sonoma Academy soccer teams faced a new challenge this year, as the construction workers hurried to put the finishing touches on the new Chris Ziemer field. “We learned during the summer that our project was delayed,” said Athletics Director Chris Ziemer. His namesake, the Chris Ziemer Field, has been under construction since mid-July, but the administration quickly realized that it would not be completed in time for the 2015 season opener. “There’s just layers of permitting,”… Read More »

Help from Abroad

By Genaro Pamatz This summer, students from Sonoma Academy went on many foreign adventures, but not all were for vacation and fun. Some students took volunteer trips to help people in need.   Sophomore Ysabella Richard traveled to Nicaragua, to do volunteer work for children and adults. She helped garden for a public clinic, and helped young children at school. “The whole experience was fantastic,” Richard said. “It felt really good to do something that matters.” The garden gave fruits… Read More »

AP Inflation

By Jake Lawson The yearly schedule frenzy begins months before the actual school year starts. Director of Academic Services Oona McKnight works tirelessly to put our schedules together during the summer months, only to be met with dozens of requests to change schedules immediately after they are sent out. Of course, McKnight is not the only one who experiences stress from this process; year to year, students are inevitably afraid of their schedules not being perfect, and any imperfections are… Read More »

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

By Genaro Pamatz Governor Brown declared a State of Emergency on Jan. 17, 2015, and directed all officials to take any necessary actions to immediately raise water availability. That was almost nine months ago, and the state is still struggling.   “From big to little, it all matters,” said Janet Durgin, the Sonoma Academy Head of School. According to reports from faculty and students, SA has made big improvements that can make a significant contribution in fighting the severe drought… Read More »

Kickstarting Cross-Cultural Kinship

By Jake Lawson This summer, a few Sonoma Academy students returned to campus in July to work at the Sonoma Academy Summer International Institute, a summer camp for international students ages 10-17 from China. The institute is an English immersion program designed to help international students learn more about not only the English language, but also American culture and what it’s like to go to high school in America.     “It wasn’t meant to be a camp; it was a… Read More »

California on Fire

By Jess O’Connor California was ravaged by yet another wildfire this summer that burned through 76,067 acres of Lake, Napa and Sonoma Counties, as reported by the California Department of Forestry on Oct. 3. “Even though it was a sunny day originally, the fire had kind of obliterated the sun,” said Pat Brock, a resident of Cobb, Calif. whose house was completely destroyed by the fire. The fire began on Sept. 12 in southern Lake County, and as of Oct.… Read More »

Music Reviews

By Zoey Ekren ALBUM NAME: LP1 ARTIST/BAND: FKA twigs GENRE: PBR&B; trip hop; electronic English singer-songwriter, Tahliah Debrett Barnett, better known by her stage name FKA Twigs, released her debut album LP1, August 2014. Each song molds together and creates an album that can be best described as hypnotizing. This album would be close to just random noises without her encapsulating vocals. Each song evokes a little more mystery on, who exactly is FKA Twigs? Even with her personal and… Read More »

Book Review: The Anatomy of Dreams: A Novel

By Sierra Maciorowski Your eyes dart open. In the shadows beside your bed, you see a figure—not of a table, nor a lamp, but of a man. He sits, crouched, as you nervously slide the covers off, and doesn’t move as you grab the knife that you always keep under your pillow and… While grossly oversimplified, this is the situation of many of Dr. Adrian Keller’s patients. Not because they attract serial killers, but because they have sleep disorders which… Read More »