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Serene Zidan, 17

Envisioning the Future The bright lights blind my tired eyes. As I sit waiting for my name to be called, the blank, white walls stare back at me. Breathing in the antiseptic air, I am immediately calmed. Someone calls my name. It is time. They hand me a dressing gown, then wait for me to change. They take my pulse. More waiting. The surgeon finally comes. He initials my calves, telling me they do that to make sure they are… Read More »

Serene Zidan, 15

Learning Through Since I was three years old, ballet has been a part of my life. Although I stopped and started numerous times, I have always loved to dance. Ballet was for fun and not competitive in any way; it was just a hobby. However, due to an unexpected injury in which I faced physical limitations, I was forced to give up dancing. Towards the end of eighth grade, after I had done ballet for almost a year, I started… Read More »