Rachel Jane Insull, 17

 Real As Hair It is said that the average person has approximately 150,000 strands of hair on their head, yet recent studies from London’s Natural History Museum show that all it takes is one strand to detect everything there is to know about a person.  Researcher Emma Freeman says that [...]

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A Focus On the Positive

I hate bad endings. To anything. And by a bad ending I mean any ending that is sad, or heartbreaking, or depressing, or makes you cry tears, not of joy, but of despair and agony.

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Happy Place

Crouching at the foot of the check-in desk at the San Francisco International Airport to unzip my suitcase, I noticed the long line of agitated travelers waiting behind me. I know that I am holding up the line, but unfortunately there

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Fashion: Inspiration via many sources

  By CAMILLE GASSER and RACHEL JANE INSULL CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL For many people, getting dressed in the morning is no more than a meaningless ritual, done out of habit and necessity. But for Casa Grande junior Valentina Gomez, choosing clothes is an adventure of fashion and self-expression that [...]

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