Connections to Syria

By Sierra Maciorowski 1,429 people have died from the use of chemical weapons in Syria - or, at least, that’s what US Secretary of State John Kerry says - and the conflict’s death total is more than 83,000. Yet those deaths, while important, are not the sole factor to consider [...]

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Mikaela’s Musings: On the Obama contraceptive mandate

Mikaela Beloberk, Editor-in-Chief First things first: the so-called birth control compromise is no compromise. It’s a joke. Obama is kicking his feet up in the White House, scoffing as many adversaries to the original proposal seem to have come on board, deeming it a dandy accord. Under the new plan, [...]

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What ever happened to “separation of church and state?”

What happened to the separation of church and state? How is it that these candidates can get away with completely integrating their religion into their politics?

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Alan Vs. Alan: a look at America’s Tea Party by Alan Ramey

There ain’t no party like the Tea Party. or The Tea Party crashed the party.

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The United Nations is a waste

The United Nations now deploys “peace keeping” troops all over the world to areas at high risk for violence or genocide, but in many cases the presence of blue helmeted UN troops in these unstable regions have caused nothing more than more violence and bloodshed.

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Sticking to Principles

It is easy to forget that from the election of Eisenhower to the election of George H.W. Bush, California voted Democratic exactly once, for LBJ. The high water point for conservatism in CA came when the 33rd Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, won overwhelmingly in 1980 and 1984. However, since the election of Bill Clinton...

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