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Teen Face: Jessie Peterson

By RANDI ROSSMANN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Petaluma born and raised, high school senior Jessie Peterson plans to be a lifelong resident and turn her agriculture interests into a local career. Active for most of her life in 4H and FFA programs, Peterson also works at a local veterinary office and sees a future for herself in teaching ag. Some teens struggle for direction and focus, but that isn’t an issue with the 18-year-old Petaluma High School senior. “I’m going to… Read More »

E-books: A reader’s options become limited

By BRYCE ASTON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR, 16 It’s true. E-readers are the new black in the world of literature. At Petaluma High, one can find converts in every classroom, with their sleek new Kindles or Nooks, separated from all those who still deal with old-fashioned paper and ink. There’s no ignoring the advantages of these lightweight readers. However, there are a few factors any devoted reader must consider before going digital. The simple fact of the matter is that… Read More »

E-books: Eco-friendly approach to reading

By ZAC COOPER PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, 15, SOPHOMORE That special touch or feel we get from reading a traditional book cannot be replaced. The feeling of accomplishment every time the page is flipped is amazing. But gone should be the days when humans don’t care about the Earth. Everyone tries to do their part to help the planet, but unfortunately, “world consumption of paper has grown 400 percent in the last 40 years. Now nearly 4 billion trees or 35… Read More »

Teen Face: Morgan Schmidt-Petersen

By LORI A. CARTER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Without a mother in her life every day, 10-year-old Morgan Schmidt-Petersen took matters into her own hands. She nominated herself to be a mentee in Mentor Me Petaluma, a Big Brothers/Big Sisters-like pairing coordinated by volunteers through local schools. Today, six years later, Morgan and her mentor, Deborah Dalton, have formed a strong union, even blending their extended families at times. “I had counselors at school, but it wasn’t the same,” Morgan said.… Read More »

Is early graduation a good idea? No

By RACHEL LOUGHMAN PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 18 The inherent eagerness to grow up is never surprising. Everyone believes they are capable of so much more than high school allows. But whether one is ready for the trials of adulthood is another matter entirely. Graduating high school does not make you an adult. It does not necessarily make you more mature, or more capable. It makes you a teenager, without the schedule of high school, still dependent on parents and… Read More »

Is early graduation a good idea? Yes

By CECILIA HEATER PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR, 16 Young adults graduating early in high school means giving up activities students usually experience during their senior year, but it also means gaining opportunities that students usually do not obtain when they are in school all day. It is a difficult decision: Getting out of high school as soon as possible or taking one’s time and experiencing memorable moments, such as prom, or even graduation and being able to look down the… Read More »

TV and children: The negatives

By IZZIE BITTON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, SOPHOMORE One of America’s favorite activities is watching TV. Whether its movies, short films, documentaries, TV series or reality shows, being able to watch people create stories of what we would never find possible is what hooks people. Some can say they see many shows for ages 2 through 6 teaching basic concepts on sharing, making friends and fun activities or sing-alongs for kids to get into. The younger a child starts with TV,… Read More »

TV and children: The positives

By TROY ROMSTAD PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, SOPHOMORE I believe TV is completely fine for children. In fact, in some ways, TV can be beneficial for children. There are many educational programs made for kids to learn and develop their knowledge. Such shows as “Dora the Explorer” are completely fine for younger children to watch, and most teen or kid’s shows on TV are great for people of any age. Such shows as “Blue Mountain State,” “American Dad” or “Family Guy”… Read More »

A wakeup call on loving our country

By CYPRIEN PEARSON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL On a quiet afternoon at home earlier this year, I happened upon “The Glen Beck Show” — the conservatively biased “news” hour that used to be on Fox. At first I laughed: What is this about a girl not being allowed to say the “Pledge of Allegiance?” What is this about the ills of schools without religion? With two democratic parents, I have grown up with the liberal viewpoints befitting the average Californian, and… Read More »

Why are piercings, tattoos unacceptable on the job?

By KELLY KEHOE PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, 17 Today’s younger generation is interested in a new form of expression: Tattoos and body piercing. Instead of a new hair cut or color, or maybe even a new pair of shoes or a new shirt, younger people like to get a new tattoo or a new piercing. I myself enjoy piercings and tattoos; it is a great way to express oneself in a specific way and to make your self-image more individual. People… Read More »