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Paco Villegas, 17

My Origins I can remember everything as far back as preschool—when life was as simple as the colored building blocks I used to play with, and when stress and sleep deprivation weren’t even factors that came into play. The world I come from is a planet like everyone else’s but the life I live is that of my own; factors such as community and family have influenced my life, and therefore are important parts of my world. I grew up… Read More »

Paco Villegas, 16

Death By Isolation He was a hard working man, the kind of person who awoke before sunrise to feed his animals, the kind of farmer who tended his fields until his hands bruised, and the kind of father that didn’t rest until there was food on the table. He lived in a world very different from ours, a time where people traveled on horseback, and all work was done by hooves, where water was fetched from rivers, and all messages… Read More »

Paco Villegas, 16

A Loving Companion     To me he is a friend, a loyal companion that never leaves my side, a lovable pooch that forgives without remorse, and a gullible pup that chases after every stick, but to society he is a criminal, an awful animal with a bad reputation, a cruel creature bred to attack without shame, and a serious threat to the safety of the community. It’s difficult to fathom the severe stereotypes regarding such a beautiful and loyal breed,… Read More »