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Teen Face: Nate Hromalik

By DEREK MOORE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Nate Hromalik’s celluloid dreams are taking the recent Casa Grande High School graduate on an unconventional path. While many of his peers are headed to colleges or universities, Hromalik will be enrolling this fall at an acting school in West Hollywood. Hromalik hopes what he learns at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy will launch him into a career on stage or in film, preferably as an actor in serious dramatic roles. He claims… Read More »

Living in the Moment

…as characters on stage love and lose, rejoice and despair, live and die, the actors portraying these characters must be one hundred percent committed to their actions. This commitment only works if they are totally void of themselves and fully present in the skins of their characters, reacting to everything that happens “in the moment.”
That escape from myself into another character is what I find so beautiful about acting. I’m not always comfortable being myself, to the point where I have no idea who I am or how to be. … Read More »

Students rush to help earthquake victims

Except for the light tapping of raindrops on the windows, the dark living room at Lynne Moquete’s house was silent. Twenty students who had accompanied her to the Dominican Republic and Haiti sat, unmoving. A friend from the town they stayed in called Moquete after she helped earthquake victims in Haiti.
“So what do we do now?” Moquete asked her students.
“We spread awareness and make this fundraising the best it can be,” answered senior Alexis Halstenson.
The students gathered at Moquete’s house…… Read More »

For Haitian students, family comes first

A Haitian man once said that he is never scared now, because growing up in Haiti, his entire life was a nightmare. He was never hungry, because growing up in Haiti, his body could not miss what it rarely possessed. Haiti, the poorest region in the western hemisphere, never received adequate support before the horrendous Jan. 12 earthquake. When it occurred, it shook the lives of many, including several Haitian-American…… Read More »