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Malcolm Pinson, 17

I’m Not a Statistic Today, society portrays the black man as: a rapper, a thug, someone who only cares about brand names, and someone to be feared. The media constantly portrays the African American male as a monster as they are constantly seen as criminals. All of the statistics about African Americans are negative, for example 80 percent of all people in jail are black, and 72 percent of African American children are born without a father figure. As an… Read More »

Malcolm Pinson, 16

Not Nuts About Nuts It was a normal summer afternoon about eight years ago. I was just a small fourth grader when my sister came home with a container full of cashews. Since I always enjoyed snacks containing peanut butter and tree nuts I was eager to taste them; not knowing what was ahead of me. I grabbed a handful and quickly ate the cashews; about 10 minutes later I noticed that I started feeling funny. My throat began to… Read More »