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Lucy Slavin, 17

Views on Feminism The first time I saw Gilda Radner was the day her “best-of” DVD arrived in the mail and my mother sat me down to watch one of her childhood heroes on Saturday Night Live. I latched on to the vigor and passion that spurted out of her performances. She was so hilarious and I wished with every fiber of my being that I could be like her someday. I knew, right then, that I wanted to be… Read More »

Don’t blame movies, books; set rules as a parent

By LUCY SLAVIN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Recently, my mom told me of a conversation she had with a friend who told her how concerned she was about allowing her 9-year-olds see the film “The Hunger Games.” She explained to my mom that she was upset that the media was exposing her child to emotional anguish, bloody deaths and child murder. Eventually, she made it clear that despite her disapproval, she had let her daughter see this movie. I have… Read More »

Cyber bullying a sad byproduct of Internet age

By LUCY SLAVIN and KELSEY MATZEN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Harsh words. Cruel rumors. Offensive slurs. These are aspects of bullying that are enhanced by the anonymity the Internet provides. To see the insults presented in such a clinical way is more heartbreaking than when confronted in person. As popularity of social networking websites and communicating over the Internet has grown, so has cyber bullying. Accounts of abuse on the Internet have caused emotional and physical damage. Casa Grande High… Read More »