Staying focused on her dream school, UCLA

By KYLIE BUCK CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Bruin pride pulses through my veins: My iPod plays the UCLA fight song, my wardrobe is accessorized with Bruin gear, my laptop displays a picture of Royce Hall as the wallpaper. I first visited the UCLA campus when I was a freshman on [...]

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Anticipating the Future

Bruin pride pulses through my veins: my iPod plays the UCLA fight song; my wardrobe is accessorized with Bruin gear; my laptop displays...

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Brittany Tieken

Four years strong, senior Brittany Tieken has been conquering the diamond and has consistently been a prominent contributor...

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Donovan Halpin

Perseverance, dedication, and determination have been the keys to senior Donovan Halpin’s success on the mat and in...

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Living with cancer: Casa senior in remission after ‘scariest moment’ of her life

Katie Murphy often wondered why she was the one with cancer and struggled to accept the diagnosis. But one of her most difficult challenges was telling loved ones.

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Building Hope

Shovels, rakes, hammers, love, hope, and compassion: components that every community needs to thrive; however, without the willingness of people to volunteer time and effort, these components will never be fulfilled. What started out to be a bleak work-filled summer...

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Community Spirit

Unity. Compassion. Love. Community. We encounter many people every day: some we know and acknowledge as friends; others we pass by with blissful ignorance. However, there are closer relations to each of these people than is visible on the surface. They all share the same bond of living in the community. On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake jolted the small, under-developed country of Haiti...

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