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Trying to ease father’s heartache over family death

By KIARA COVARRUBIAS CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL My dad is serious, strict and intelligent. He has a great capacity to love but doesn’t show it. At age 9, he came to the U.S. along with his nine siblings: four other boys and five girls. They were raised in an environment that fostered work and discouraged public displays of affection. But my dad’s relationship with the youngest of the boys was exempt from that. They were more than brothers: They were… Read More »

Excessive tardies creates need for instant detentions

It’s a minute to class, but a view of the quad doesn’t show it: students are milling around, joking with friends, and dragging their feet with no apparent intention of arriving to class on time. Excessive tardiness is an increasingly problem.

On Wed. Feb. 10, however, the school is taking dramatic action in correcting this problem by enacting a much stricter policy. Each student that is late to class, whether by a minute or an hour after the bell, will receive…… Read More »