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Kelsey Matzen, 17

Bonding Through TV My dad and I are remarkably alike, probably far more than we care to admit. We both hide a gregarious personality behind a shy demeanor. We both have an inability to take things seriously, responding to most questions with something nonsensical or unhelpful. We both become provoked by yelling, responding with an equally loud voice. Most of all, though, we both like to argue, not in a hostile or angry way, but as a challenge. I used… Read More »

Kelsey Matzen, 17

Katy     Wrap a rubber band around your fingers. Tighten it until you’re barely able to flex your hand. Then try to go about your everyday tasks with your hand like that: brushing your teeth, writing your name, dialing your phone. These actions, previously so simple and effortless, become difficult, almost unthinkable. Imagine your muscles jerking uncontrollably, striking out at random moments; imagine voluntary muscle movements being rigorous, or even impossible. This describes the daily struggles of a person afflicted… Read More »

Teen moms: Never had doubts about having — and keeping — her baby

  By KELSEY MATZEN and SIMONE VAN OMMEREN-AKELMAN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Teenage girls daydream about the day when they will have a baby, choose a name and dress it in adorable outfits. Little thought is given to the mess that babies create, the finances that they require and the amount of time necessary to care for one. They don’t trouble themselves with those issues, as the time for them to have a baby is expected to be far in… Read More »

Cyber bullying a sad byproduct of Internet age

By LUCY SLAVIN and KELSEY MATZEN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Harsh words. Cruel rumors. Offensive slurs. These are aspects of bullying that are enhanced by the anonymity the Internet provides. To see the insults presented in such a clinical way is more heartbreaking than when confronted in person. As popularity of social networking websites and communicating over the Internet has grown, so has cyber bullying. Accounts of abuse on the Internet have caused emotional and physical damage. Casa Grande High… Read More »

Fashion: Creating an expression of self through design

By KELSEY MATZEN and SIMONE VAN OMMEREN-AKELMAN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Fashion is something that characterizes a person, something which expresses the inner self. When people see Casa Grande sophomore Taylor Martinez, they see a young icon, dressed in a way that’s completely unique. “I see my style as city-like,” Martinez said. “I like shopping at Forever 21, Express, Aldo, for their old English-style shoes, Abercrombie and Hollister.” Martinez finds his inspiration in a plethora of places. Sometimes, he looks… Read More »

Getting enough sleep?

By KELSEY MATZEN and ASHLEY MOFFETT CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL One of the greatest feelings in the world is falling into your bed after a long, stressful day. Cocooning yourself under the covers of a warm quilt and burrowing your head into the fluffy confines of a pillow is a perfect stress reliever. Sleep is essential to happiness. However, there are some students who fail to get the recommended eight hours a night, kept awake by mountains of homework and… Read More »

Scouts get outdoors, but it’s more about helping the community

By KELSEY MATZEN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL They are easily identifiable with their sharply tied neckerchiefs, their badge-laden sashes, and their trademark insignia: They are the Boy Scouts. Scouts long have held a reputation for responsibility, hard work and enjoyment of the wilderness. One imagines an average day for a Scout to be spent trekking through the woods, using his knowledge acquired over the years to forage for food and start fires, while identifying the wildlife roaming around the trees.… Read More »