Going off to college via road less likely

By KATHLEEN SCHAEFER CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL, 2011 GRADUATE Throughout most of high school, I simply assumed I would apply to the UC system, get into a few campuses and choose from those options. I thought as little as possible about college and the complications of getting in. [...]

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Chasing Imperfection

But I don’t want to fit. I know enough of my own stubborn flaws to know that attending college crafted exactly for students like me will only leave me locked up in my dorm room finishing homework problems, until I had to emerge for my next class.

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Self-improvement through helping others

By KATHLEEN SCHAEFER CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Many busy high school students believe they do not have time <NO1><NO>to spare for volunteering, but Casa Grande High School sophomore Rachel Hess’ passion for helping others has caused her to volunteer for two different organizations. Hess helps at the animal [...]

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Liliana Muñoz

A family’s support, both financial and emotional, helps teenagers achieve their goals. But after moving from Mexico to the U.S., senior Liliana Muñoz learned...

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Becoming Less Stubborn

Guess how much your mother weighs. That is the kind of assignment that my kindergarten teacher thought would be cute to assign to little kids who think anyone larger...

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Public schools require increased taxes

Because the country is in an economic crisis, multiple programs and services funded by the government suffer from severe budget cuts. The quality of education is threatened by the evident lack of funding that continues to worsen. While increased taxes may seem unfavorable when many families struggle with financial problems, they are necessary to...

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Video game violence: Some youths become desensitized by horrific images

The violence and instant gratification of games and shows negatively affect the children raised with too much electronic entertainment.

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Core classes provide prime education

As students enter high school, their freedom to choose the classes they enroll in substantially increases. With this new liberty comes the decision whether to continue to focus on core academic subjects or to take classes more centered on the electives...

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Understanding the Game

Chess has no luck. If you lose, there are no cards or dice to blame. There are no teammates to accuse of incompetency. Losses come from your own failure to outwit, outsmart, and outplay your opponent. Chess is a battle of intellect. Chess is competition in its purest form...

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