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Kate Hoover, 15

Graffiti Artist Walking through the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, trying to find a place to eat dinner in the mecca of food trucks and creative doughnuts, I remember seeing graffiti everywhere: on the side of a building, framing a walk through an alley, on a bridge across the Willamette River. From intricate, colorful designs to a simple word or symbol, spray paint was a main source of expressing artistic creativity. These painted compositions were not only displayed throughout Portland,… Read More »

Yvonne Lieu, 16

For a Straightened Spine I am a worrier. I spend hours filling my mind with endless possibilities of what could go wrong. Maybe the outfit I planned for tomorrow won’t be worn because of a sudden weather change, maybe I’ll forget my homework at home and get a zero, and maybe I’ll take a wrong turn at an intersection and find myself lost for a while. One thing’s for sure though, plans change and things don’t always go a planned.… Read More »

Audrey Hall, 16

Headstrong and Passionate One of the traits that I value highly in myself is my ability to make my decisions, no matter how much pressure I face. I have never been able to let others choose what is best for me. Throughout my entire childhood, I have found this aspect of my personality extremely beneficial in the long run. I have learned for myself when it is worth it to say no, or cease activities that I am no longer… Read More »

Julian Cohen, 16

Chaotic Kitchen “No that’s not how you hold a knife, like this, c’mon put your knuckle against the blade.” There are many things in life that we let pass by unnoticed, and there are thousands of things everyday we tend to unconsciously push towards unimportance. Today, it seems that food and where it comes from is one of them. Now, it’s common to have a blind eye towards these issues. And to these people, I would tip my hat and… Read More »

Annie Simon, 16

Left Bench I’m not a quitter. This is the only thing holding me back from quitting the sport I have played for over 12 years. Combine a coach who hardly knows you’re there, no playing time, and teammates who are under the impression that you don’t care: get an emotionally unstable girl who is starting to think she really “isn’t good enough to play.”  In reality, I’m at almost every practice, working hard to earn a spot on the field;… Read More »

Yvonne Lieu, 16

Molluscophobia Most people are fear spiders, clowns, or heights, but what am I afraid of? Snails. Molluscophobia is the fear of snails.    When I was five years old, I decided to take the risk of going barefoot in my backyard. I was pretty successful avoiding various shards of glass, slimy creatures, and deadly snakes—at least until I experienced a life changing moment. I remember the moment it happened. The instant I was nearly to the door, I encountered what I… Read More »

Mara Paley, 16

Let it Roll   We grow up hearing that America is supersized, wasteful, yet for most of the younger generation this country is the only place we have ever lived– the only place we have ever known. It wasn’t until I took enough time to adopt the lifestyle of another country that I realised how dissipative America truly is, and how much we take for granted.    In Wurzburg, Germany, bike lanes are about as wide as streets and just as flowing… Read More »

Hailey Falk, 16

 This Race Matters This race matters.    I shuffle my feet trying to distract myself from my thoughts. I feel myself moving towards the track and realize that I am responding to the race official’s instructions. Lane four, I remember. I count one, two, three, four, as I stare beneath me at the red rubber surface of the track.    This race matters.    I half-heartedly listen to the distorted voice of the race official through his megaphone. I bounce up and down… Read More »

Caleb Lundquist, 16

Christopher He is a sixteen year old boy, and when you look at us simply as people, there is no difference; we are equal, two friends who share common interests, frequently engaging in activities together. We talk about how our day went, listening and communicating through more than just words. However, once you fill in the details, the prejudice comes rushing in like the tide, engulfing an amazing human being into a world separate from the one he fits perfectly… Read More »

Paco Villegas, 16

Death By Isolation He was a hard working man, the kind of person who awoke before sunrise to feed his animals, the kind of farmer who tended his fields until his hands bruised, and the kind of father that didn’t rest until there was food on the table. He lived in a world very different from ours, a time where people traveled on horseback, and all work was done by hooves, where water was fetched from rivers, and all messages… Read More »