Itxaso Garay, 18

Robocalypse       Military drones, nanobots, autonomous androids, – we are completely surrounded by soulless, fully capable harbingers of death and destruction. Blinded by their current passive role in society, we will be unprepared to defend ourselves when the machines turn on their creators, us. Thus, this brings me to the top [...]

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Itxaso Garay, 18

Compasión Because of my familiarity of working with people who mental and physical impairments, I accepted a volunteer position in a care facility for women, called Cottolengo del Padre Alegre, in Madrid, Spain this summer. This was a group that looked after these women because of their families’ inability to [...]

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Social networking: We know more; what do we know?

By ITXASO GARAY and ADAM LUNDQUIST CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL As the social networking craze increases across all ages, genders and races, the adverse effects of these sites also are increasing. Adolescents are becoming victims of the Internet and are responding with drastic measures. This generation’s creativity and [...]

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For the Movement

Throughout the country thousands are raising their voices as they chant their complaints in unison: the voice of the middle class can be heard through the human microphones that are directly

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Love in the 21st Century

They met in an ice cream parlor. She was working there for $95 a month, but dreamed of studying English and computer science; he secretly adored the corny love songs that drifted towards them in Afghanistan.

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Bit of advice for students

Editor’s note: With high schools back in session, Casa Grande High seniors last spring passed along to Gaucho Gazette reporters Camille Gasser and Itxaso Garay some of their wisdom. What advice would you give to underclassmen? Brian Baird High school is a small portion of your life. Stay calm and [...]

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