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Why students cheat: SparkNotes

By HANK SMITH HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOOL, 18, SENIOR Sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Whether it’s because of sports, family events, other homework or just plain procrastination or laziness, every student at one time or another has skipped on their reading homework. And at times like those, likely to the teacher’s chagrin, SparkNotes was there for them. Since its founding, SparkNotes has been an invaluable resource and a constant temptation to English students at various grade levels across the country.… Read More »

Religious beliefs trample free speech

 By Hank Smith            On April 14 of 2010, episode 201 of the Comedy Central show South Park aired for the first time with multiple bleeps and “CENSORED” blocks spread throughout the episode, and they weren’t part of the original episode. As it turns out, the TV network, Comedy Central, added them, in response to threats towards the writers and founders of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.             What was going to be shown and said that constituted… Read More »