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Gabriella Fleischman, 17

Turning It Off Time is relative. One hour plagued by boredom is not the same as one hour engaged in excitement; one hour of anxiety is not the same as one hour of tranquility; one hour constantly distracted by communication devices is not the same as one hour focused on the task at hand. One focused hour can breed masterful compositions, staggering discoveries, or significant social influence. To attain the attentiveness required, communication devices have to be turned off and… Read More »

Gabriella Fleischman, 17

Defining Diabetes I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in April of 2009. I stayed up that night for hours crying, clutching the bed sheets into my tearstained face, knowing that somehow my life was different; I would depend on something more than the standard necessities of life to keep me alive. From April of 2008 until I was diagnosed, I underwent a series of tests as a part of a study of siblings of diabetics. From the first test,… Read More »