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Struggling with insomnia

By BRITTANY BURNETT and FORREST WANG CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL With the clock ticking, moon waning and night passing, some people are not able to sleep. And yet, although some people stay up, struggling to finish homework, Casa Grande High School student Chayse Musolf stays up not because she wants to, but because she simply cannot fall asleep. “I was diagnosed with insomnia by the doctor a year ago,” Musolf said. “I would randomly wake up at 2 in the… Read More »

For The Love of Pandas

What is it about them? The fluffy ears, the black and white splotches, or the innocent little smiles? Is it because they are utterly adorable or is it the way they plod along without a care in the world? Is it the thought of riding one along the streets, holding a stick of bamboo in front of it? Or maybe it’s simply because as a part of my culture, it is something I can relate to.
Pandas. … Read More »

Comfortable with nonconformity

By FORREST WANG CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 17 Walking through a sea of people at school, the monotony of it all can become overwhelming: The same types of clothes, the same cliques and even the same high-pitched laugh. People everywhere, whether it be students or adults, conform to various trends or habits. However, amid the crowd are the people who long to be different, to be entirely true to themselves and their ideals. Casa Grande High School senior Olin… Read More »