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You named your kid WHAT?

Alicia Soto, Editorial Board When Jay-z and Beyoncé’s baby girl arrived, some were shocked that Blue Ivy was her name. The couple named her after their favorite number, four; which translates to roman numerals as IV, hence the name Ivy. However, these celebs are not the only creative parents to give their child an unusual name.   What follows are just some of Hollywood’s most unusual baby names throughout the years.   The star of National Treasure, Nicolas Cage named… Read More »


Pari Alexander, Staff Writer Tumblr is becoming the biggest blogging site. With its massive growth, many are trying out the semi-new blogging site. However some don’t fully understand how it works or what it really is. If you’ve ever tried to start a blog, but found yourself struggling to find the time, Tumblr will make blogging easy and quick. Tumblr fills the gap between sites like Twitter, where people tweet images and thoughts, and traditional blogging sites such as WordPress,… Read More »

The ever increasing popularity of found footage films

   Alicia Soto, Editorial Board Found-footage by definition is a genre of filmmaking in which a film is partially or entirely presented as a video or recording of an event, often left behind by someone who is supposedly missing or deceased. In 1999 when The Blair Witch Project was released, people were shocked about its found-film point of view. It was bold, never done before, and for once people believed the words “based on true events.”   It seems that… Read More »

Lady Gaga: Queen of Everything on Planet Earth

Pari Alexander, Staff Writer Ah, yes, Lady Gaga. A freak isn’t she? False. Lady Gaga, aka Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has paved the way for a new era of entertainment. Though Madonna finds her “reductive,” her jaw dropping number of “Little Monsters” find her perfect. A role model, she provides kids and adults all around the world with someone to look up to. She advocates gay marriage, is strictly anti-bullying, and most importantly, lets people feel that they can be… Read More »

No need for speed

By Luther Cenci For hundreds of years, forms of entertainment have remained largely static. People steadfastly relied on books, drama, live music and oral tradition to soften the grind of their daily labors. However, with the advent of new technology, choices for entertainment have exploded across a variety of platforms. The modern consumer can select between videogames, movies, television, Internet video, Internet comedy, instant music downloads, animated features as well as the traditional entertainment options. This New Entertainment is one… Read More »