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Ellorine Carle, 17

Genius Brother My brother is a genius. You probably wouldn’t think so if you look at his grades—above average for a normal person’s standards, but extremely disappointing compared to my report card, decorated with an obnoxious abundance of “A’s” and “Advanced Placement”, almost as if my life depended on it. You probably wouldn’t think so if you look at his writing and reading abilities either. He painstakingly struggles for hours over writing an essay, that when read, hardly makes any… Read More »

Ellorine Carle, 16

Thank a Farmer Food, sustaining life for almost 4 billion years and counting. Now that’s reliability that you definitely cannot mass produce, genetically modify, or wrap in vibrant colored plastic. But somehow, beginning a mere hundred years or so ago, “modern” society forgot that food is what turned those little primitive protozoa into talking, walking, complex thinkers, that food caused wars, plagued societies, and allowed others to thrive. And now in the most technologically advanced era ever, food has become… Read More »