Teen Face: Jesse Fichman of El Molino High

By KERRY BENEFIELD THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Incoming El Molino High School senior Jesse Fichman is a multitalented guy. An excellent student whose grade point average hovers around the 4.0 mark, Fichman also plays basketball, volleyball and soccer for the Lions. But Fichman’s true passion is music and nature. [...]

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Teen Face: Alyssa Herr

  By RANDI ROSSMANN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT El Molino High School senior Alyssa Herr is physically and mentally far from her life in the west county and a typical senior year. Herr, 18, is living in Lopburi, Thailand, through a 10-month student immersion program offered by the Rotary [...]

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Teen Face: Emily Eakins

By CATHY BUSSEWITZ THE PRESS DEMOCRAT   Emily Eakins has many habits of a successful businesswoman. She donates about 10 percent of her income to charity, budgets for off-season expenses, tracks her accounting in an Excel spreadsheet and occasionally takes out a business loan. The El Molino High [...]

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Teen Face: Koleyna Kohler

By RANDI ROSSMANN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT When the songwriting vibe hits Forestville teen Koleyna Kohler, she picks up her guitar or ukulele. She pens notes and words about teen issues, such as love, or global problems, such as racism. The 17-year-old El Molino High School senior, known as [...]

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Teen Face: Kyle Cameron

By NATHAN HALVERSON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Kyle Cameron is the youngest vineyard manager in Sonoma County. At 14 years old, Kyle might be the youngest in the nation. He can pick up the phone and order spare parts for a tractor or schedule a time to have the [...]

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Teachers, students must show respect

Dealing with teens who have been forced to sit in classrooms all day can be a tricky job. Many teachers in America struggle to understand the mysteries of the high school student. They fail to see the fragility of a developing and struggling mind. Teachers often fail to make a connection with a student and instead spark an ongoing conflict between pupil and mentor. Teachers need to stop and treat each student as an individual instead of lumping them into a pre-defined label, such as “troublemaker” or “disruptive student.”

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