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The Gender Gap in College: Not Equal Yet

By Allison Ashley Not only do men enter col­lege at significantly lower rates compared to women (who now graduate with 60% of the bach­elor degrees earned in the United States) but they’re more likely to drop out of college once they get there. It all begins at a young age. Compared to girls, boys are more likely to get expelled or suspended during their first years at school, and they are more likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability… Read More »

Rising Stress

By Erin Butterfield This year there is a record level of stress found in college freshmen. The emotional health of freshmen in college has declined to the lowest level it’s ever been, and it’s mainly because of the pressures that high school instilled in these students. Some people think that when they enter college, all aspects of their high school years are gone, but it turns out that many college freshmen are still carrying their high school stress and baggage.… Read More »