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Teen Face: Katie Rettig

By GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Ballet and acting proved the ideal preparation for Katie Rettig’s two-year turn as a cheerleader at Cardinal Newman High School. “I love performing,” said Rettig, who was cheerleading captain her senior year and graduated in May, a day after she turned 18. “I like being able to put myself out there.” But Rettig, who lives along the Russian River on Healdsburg’s Fitch Mountain, got more out of cheerleading than rooting for the Newman boys’… Read More »

Teen Face: Jake Brown of Cardinal Newman

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT One thing that stands out about Cardinal Newman High School sophomore Jake Brown is the degree of consideration he’s given his vocal chords. A subject not even close to most teens’ Top 10 List of Trending Topics, they are key to Brown’s future. A budding classical singer, Brown, 16, already has built his life around the training and care he hopes will one day help him launch a satisfying, successful career in opera. Judging… Read More »

An education will make both dollars, sense

By BYRON REINS CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 17 Schoolwork is about the last thing teenagers wish to do because there are so many options that are more entertaining. They could chat on Facebook, watch TV, socialize with friends and do so many other activities. According to the Christian Science Monitor, as of 2010 the standard four-year graduation rate from high school is down to 68.8 percent in the U.S. I believe a major contributor to this is a lack… Read More »

Surviving divorce of your parents

By GRIFFIN MITCHELL CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL, 16 Seven years old can be a very critical age in a human’s life. It is the year we graduate from first grade to second grade. It also may be the year when you first participate in a sport or activity that will shape your future, but for me it was the age when my parents decided they would lead separate lives. I grew up like any average boy, attended a good preschool,… Read More »

Something scarier than Halloween

By KYLE GALBRAITH CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR Every teen knows of the intimidating facts that driving instructors throw at you. According to dosomething.org, car crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for teens, 35,000 teens have been involved in fatal crashes in the past five yaers, the number is constantly increasing, etc. Most teens hear these facts and they just go in one ear and out the other. Without a face or experience to associate with these facts,… Read More »

Teen Face: Lucas Bilbro

By GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Lucas Bilbro, 15, has leg muscles a middle linebacker would die for. But the 5-foot-11, 175-pound high school sophomore is more comfortable in a pirouette than plowing into running back. Coaches and peers at sports-oriented Cardinal Newman High School were eyeing Bilbro last year. Basketball players said, “You’ve got hops,” he recalled, a tribute to his leaping ability. Playing lacrosse at Sonoma Country Day School the three previous years, Bilbro was a defensive star,… Read More »

Rules, freedom and the transition into adulthood

By AUSTIN HEGG CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR There is a constant outcry among teenagers for more freedom, more choice and more independence. Being a teenager in high school is a very peculiar age; your opinions begin to develop yet you are still living under your parents’ regulations. This causes an interesting conflict to develop, which is common in the majority of American households. I believe that some teenagers need to give their parents more respect, while some parents need… Read More »

Teen Face: Maximilian Friedauer

By ROBERT DIGITALE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT High school was the time when Maximilian Friedauer took up photography and went public with his lifelong love of music. The recent Cardinal Newman High grad, bound next month for Duke University, said his life changed for the better as a sophomore when he tried out for the musical “Grease. “I was kind of a wallflower,” he recalled. “I wasn’t that social,” perhaps because he knew only one other student when he came onto… Read More »