Camille Gasser, 17

Death By Pencil In third grade, I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil, and decided I was going to die. Never mind the fact that pencils are actually filled with graphite. Death by lead poisoning was thrust to the forefront of my mind, all other thoughts fading to perpetual white [...]

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Camille Gasser, 17

Music Thief In the middle of a sweltering July afternoon, when the stifling air had wrapped into rippling waves of heat, I became a thief of sorts- a thief of music. For the first time, I had created an original piano arrangement of one of my favorite songs. Not once [...]

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Understanding Family Tragedy

My family is small. So when a tragedy strikes one of us, its weight is magnified, sending rippling waves of trauma through our world.

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Teen moms: Petaluma girl unaware she was pregnant for 6 months

  By ITXASO GARAY and CAMILLE GASSER CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Danielle Packett, a student at Casa Grande for two years and now a junior at San Antonio High School, never noticed any changes for six months. She went about her daily life care free and unaware she [...]

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Valuing Relationships

Vacations are planned and embarked upon with the purpose of exploring new places, diving into new cultures, and meeting new people. With plane tickets and suitcases, a family can flee daily cycles

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Fashion: Inspiration via many sources

  By CAMILLE GASSER and RACHEL JANE INSULL CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL For many people, getting dressed in the morning is no more than a meaningless ritual, done out of habit and necessity. But for Casa Grande junior Valentina Gomez, choosing clothes is an adventure of fashion and self-expression that [...]

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Bit of advice for students

Editor’s note: With high schools back in session, Casa Grande High seniors last spring passed along to Gaucho Gazette reporters Camille Gasser and Itxaso Garay some of their wisdom. What advice would you give to underclassmen? Brian Baird High school is a small portion of your life. Stay calm and [...]

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An Everyday Hero

Shivering, I peered up into the audience from my position in the center of the ice rink. The spotlight gleamed and shimmered in my eyes—so bright it made...

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