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Ashley Moffett, 17

A Passion To Run Running is an individual sport; a runner may be a member of a team, but in the end, the result of the race depends solely on one person: you. Regardless of the speed or strength of your body, without mental stamina, your endurance, performance, and potential will always have limits. I was a novice cross country runner entering my sophomore year, as it was my first season participating in the sport. I had been blessed with… Read More »

Getting enough sleep?

By KELSEY MATZEN and ASHLEY MOFFETT CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL One of the greatest feelings in the world is falling into your bed after a long, stressful day. Cocooning yourself under the covers of a warm quilt and burrowing your head into the fluffy confines of a pillow is a perfect stress reliever. Sleep is essential to happiness. However, there are some students who fail to get the recommended eight hours a night, kept awake by mountains of homework and… Read More »

Teen getting as much out of Giant Steps as those she helps

By ASHLEY MOFFETT CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL The sound of horses’ hooves, the brisk air of the outdoors and, best of all, the smiles and laughter of children. This may sound like a place to escape on a vacation, but it happens to be Giant Steps, a ranch where children with disabilities are able to receive therapy through horseback riding. Casa Grande High School sophomore Leah Falsetto is a volunteer who helps with sessions at Giant Steps, on Lakeville Highway… Read More »