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Annie Simon, 16

Left Bench I’m not a quitter. This is the only thing holding me back from quitting the sport I have played for over 12 years. Combine a coach who hardly knows you’re there, no playing time, and teammates who are under the impression that you don’t care: get an emotionally unstable girl who is starting to think she really “isn’t good enough to play.”  In reality, I’m at almost every practice, working hard to earn a spot on the field;… Read More »

Annie Simon, 15

The Food Experience Food isn’t solely for sustenance: it’s a way of life. Although some people disregard meals and see them merely as necessary, I look forward to the parts of the day cut out to revel in the Earth’s bounty. I was raised to appreciate good food, to criticize it, and to enjoy it. I have loved food since I was young; when I was little, I wrote recipes and bought numerous cookbooks, and my mom and I baked… Read More »